BAUTEC Cutting Bearings system Pack v1.0 Object

BAUTEC Cutting Bearings system Pack v1.0 Object

BAUTEC Cutting System Bearings

This placeable, fully automated warehouse provides space for 4 large cutting units (maximum 18 meters Midwest) or for more than 4 of the smaller, depending on storage on the carriers. Furthermore, the warehouse offers a convenient repair service for your cutting units as well as automatic lighting. The cutting unit bearing is available in 4 colors (orange, green, blue, gray – each to be downloaded separately).

The mod was created by me exclusively in the GE and tested extensively with various Schneidewerken of all sizes. So has the log (at least for me) no errors and is as far as MP-capable.

There is no need to talk about sense and nonsense. There is now – It works perfectly – It is actually practical – It is quite voluntary

Cutting Bearing Version 1.0 Orange
Schneidewerklager Version 1.0 Blue
Schneidewerklager Version 1.0 Green

Have fun


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