FS19 Drive Control 4.3

FS19 Drive Control 4.3

FS19 DriveControl Mod now also extends FS19 modular with many small features such as configuration, key and enhanced features for CruiseControl. Mod consists of modules that can be switched on and off independently.
The fact that the Giants still one or another function in Farming Simulator 19 directly assumed I could clean the whole something.

FS19 driveControl is a collection of several driving assistance mods.

Der FS19 driveControl ist ein Sammel-Mod für diverse Fahr-Helferlein.

FS19 Drive Control est un mod regroupant diverses assistances à la conduite – French traduction by Waylan89.

Farming Simulator 19 – How to use the Drive Control Mod
In this tutorial you learn how to use the drive control mod for farming simulator 19

Change direction of shuttle control – Spacebar
Disable shuttle control – Hold spacebar
Soft gas – Lshift and w (forward)
Cruise control – Lshift + 3
Enable four wheel drive – Lshift + 4
Enable front differential lock – Lshift + 5
Enable rear differential lock – Lshift + 6
Pipe cam – Right alt

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